Introduction, Part 2

Hello again.  Now for a “meaty” subject…

I am an ethical vegan.  I arrived at this place through awareness of my empathetic nature, through trial and error, and through recognizing that I would never be a complete human being until I crossed that line between complicit in killing innocents, and walking with a clear conscience.  I will never forgive myself for my willful blindness of so many decades, however.  I do my penance by fighting for animal rights, and speaking out against the cruelty that is firmly entrenched in today’s society, through indoctrination by tradition and marketing from the day we are born until our last breath.  To tear oneself away from it, is to isolate oneself from the rest of humanity.  There are very few of us fighting for the great awakening to occur, and at times it seems so very futile and masochistic, but…there’s no going back, once the decision is made to open one’s eyes to the reality of the animal holocaust.

I am unable to attend celebrations and other events any more.  I don’t even like to shop, because I have to avert my eyes against the blatant displays of death and exploitation around me at all times.  The meat counter looks like a scene from a horror movie to me – with the exception that it’s not staged, but real.  The bodies of slaughtered innocents is in every frozen food section, almost every can of food, it’s in bakery products, it’s the entire dairy section, and I faithfully read every label, and subject myself again and again, to having to place an item back on the shelf because it’s made of death.

The fact is, nobody in my real life even grasps the enormity of my conviction, my promise to harm none.  They balk at the idea that animals are not here on earth to exploit.  The Bible told them it was okay (those who quote it selectively for their own benefit), every commercial on TV tells them so, every fast-food restaurant lets them know it’s a normal activity to chow down on dead flesh, and the idea that there might be something wrong with it is even laughable to them.

However, these same people live their lives in a constant state of cognitive dissonance, dubbing themselves “animal lovers,” while consuming the flesh of slaughter and gore.  To me it’s cannibalism, to them it’s a great barbecue.  There can be no compromise, under those conditions.

Therefore, I have rejected society as a whole.  In my self-imposed solitude, I live in a vegan world.  One without leather, or eggs, or dairy milk, or fur.  One that does not have death on display, as if it were natural.  To me, it’s unnatural to kill.  To me, it’s a mortal sin.  If God truly exists, he would not smile upon our methods, or our madness, when it comes to how we treat animals.  If you really want to know what the hell I’m talking about, take off your blinders and go to  Open your eyes.  Go to Mercy For Animals, go to Farm Sanctuary, google Animal Rights.  Check out the Animal Liberation Front.  Go there, do your research, and if you really want to debate me on this issue, know your facts.  Because what the average person believes to be the reality is far from it.

I don’t shop at Whole Foods anymore.  I used to think they were awesome, though expensive, and I gave them my support.  Then, through my vegan friends on facebook, I found out that they are very actively promoting the concept of “humane meat.”  What the hell is “humane” about meat, when your animals are only bred to eat?  There’s no love there.  Animals trust the hand that feeds them, pets them.  And one day, you take them to the shed and cut their throat?  Humane?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  I reject the idea that we should keep an animal except in order to save their lives, and allow them to live in comfort, until they die of old age, just like any human being should be treated.  We shouldn’t be breeding domestic animals at all.  The only reason to do so is to exploit them in one way or another.  But the reality “out there” is so different.

This is why solitude is the only answer for me.  I can’t live with humanity any more, and retain my sanity at the same time.

More later…Namaste.


On the Road Home

On the Road Home

Santa Cruz Mountains, above the fog

It’s Harvest Time

It's Harvest Time

Pumpkins in Half Moon Bay, CA

An Introduction

Hello, my friends.

I’ll start my blog with a personal introduction.  I am a solitary human being, by choice.  Having grown up in the bustling city of San Francisco from 1957 on, I’ve certainly had a full and eventful life, but those stories are for later on down the road.  At present, I am living in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, in a redwood forest, with two cats, several skunks under my house, and plenty of other wildlife.  Being there reminds me of an old ballad, “Ridgetop,” that was Jesse Colin Young’s #1 hit when I was almost 16 years old.  I always wanted to live in the place that he described, and I have finally achieved that dream in time for my 55th birthday.

Even though I commute down out of the mountains every workweek, I sit in my office all day, doing word processing projects that are usually emailed back and forth, so I’m mostly alone.  And when I go home, get out of my car, breathe in the earthy scent of the air, and hear my river unceasingly flowing past my house, I am so happy that no human being is waiting for me to arrive,  just Mouse in the greenhouse window peering out to see me come through the gate, and Anubis lurking in the depths of the closet.  My rescued kitties.  There is no one so happy to see you as a rescued animal is.  They know what it’s like to be kicked and broken, and they know what it is like to be loved.   So do I.

It’s Friday today, and thus I am anticipating a wonderful two days without people.  Just me, nature, and the kitty cats.  And a lot of housework, which I pretty much ignore during the week.  I have a long commute, eighty miles a day, so there’s an easy choice between doing the dishes and lounging with Mouse, giving him a good scratch behind the ears, listening to his purr.

I’m going to stop here for now.  I know it’s not very exciting so far, but the intros never really are.  Setting up the base.  Talk at you later!  🙂