Thoughts on the “Great Awakening”

I’m waiting for the Big Shift in Consciousness, that most likely is nothing but a stupid fantasy, but I wait for it nonetheless.  All one has to do is hang out on any typical “conservative” facebook page nowadays to see that the idea is futile.

Billions of people are in the iron grip of religious fervor, the politics of greed, corporate marketing, mass control; none of which allow for individual thought or action.  How can people “awaken” to something as inconceivable to them as ahimsa?  With no ability to look critically at their conditioned beliefs, it’s IMPOSSIBLE.  No amount of sound information, or calls to empathetic choices, can penetrate the ignorance they have been indoctrinated into – that they consider righteous, appropriate, and effective in their daily lives.  Even their concepts of right and wrong is warped beyond comprehension to me. 

Therefore, I must conclude that the Great Awakening is nothing more than a pipe dream.  Even if we experience some huge global upheaval, power and might will win the day in the case of humanity.  We are one screwed up species.  Love really IS all you need, but we are not satisfied with simple truths.  Conquest and subjugation, which leads to full coffers, is desired over all else.  

It has killed us as effectively as if a nuclear bomb fell on every city block.  Our souls are blackened and diseased.  If something doesn’t happen soon to take mankind down a multitude of notches on the arrogance meter, there will be no recovery from it.  I hope that something happens, but I think that when it does happen, it’s not going to be pretty.   This isn’t very upbeat, I know; but where has positive thinking made any positive effect on the behavior of mankind in general?  It only gets worse – more cruel, less empathetic, devoid of compassion – even for ourselves. Time to see things as they really are – and we are in big trouble.




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