The World as it Is Today

Hi all,

I’ve been pondering the state of things, and I can say with no reservations that if we don’t get it together and push evolution forward, we will not survive what’s in the works.

I have watched the Israeli “conflict” in Gaza with increasing unease and horror.  Though the massacre is half a world away, I have been able to make a correlation between the outrageous Zionist self-entitled sense of supremacy with the Ugly American attitude we have imposed upon the entire planet.  It’s our arrogant belief that we have somehow earned the label of “better than” most peoples on the globe that is killing us all, and destroying any semblance of humanity towards every living entity.

How a population that is bent on ethnic genocide can convince the world that they deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for “restraint,” is beyond my comprehension.  Are we really that stupid?  The answer is YES.  I heard a Jewish history professor speak on public radio yesterday, and I did not know that the Zionists began their ethnic cleansing of what was then known as Palestina, only three years after the Holocaust ended.  They were given the area to colonize by the British monarchy.  Golda Meir made the statement that “there were no people there.”  Not because there were actually no people there, but since Palestina wasn’t a recognized state, the people who were there could be disregarded and uprooted, they justified.  Never mind that human beings had been living there for thousands of years in relative peace.

We wonder how a people that was subjected to complete and utter sadism could inflict the same upon another population, yet they did not hesitate to do so – what does that make them?

And, what does that make me, as an American?  We shout down innocent children at our borders, and our only reasoning is the stories that have been made up about them to make them seem less than human, less than us.  We constantly juggle our torches and pitchforks, bibles and guns, while wrapped in a flag that we have no belief in (UNITED states).  We give corporations personhood, and rights, welfare and tax breaks that individual Americans are denied.

We destroy the very environment that sustains all species of life, in pursuit of continued consumption, rather than redesigning our plan for living on the planet in harmony with nature.  We belittle those who protest violence, who protest corporate rule, who protest industries that perpetuate suffering like factory farming and vivisection (animal testing) – and rather than admit that these practices dehumanize us all, marketers try to redesign the packaging to justify them as somehow humane and compassionate.  Compassion itself has become a four letter word, something to avoid because it might make us wake up to our own complicity in the suffering in the world.

Another animal rights person that I was acquainted with on the internet has taken her life.  Many people can’t look, let alone handle, the results of their continued support of the animal exploitation industry.  Those who do choose to look, and have a heart that is gentle, are drawn into the fray, desperately driven to change the indoctrinated perception that all life belongs to us and is therefore forfeit, in any bloody way, as long as the end product ends up on our feet, back, upholstery or in our bellies, which is a warped gauge of success to us backward-thinking humans.

Some can’t handle it for long.  They burn out, tune out, and go back to consuming indiscriminately, and writing blogs about how mean and inhuman vegans and abolitionists are.  Or they hide and suffer in silence.  Or they become so angry and disappointed that they end up in jail for taking it into their own hands, after the realization that the machine is so large, so powerful, that they’re banging their heads against a brick wall that will never, ever give.  Or, they take their lives, not wanting to live with the madness of knowing any more.  I’ve sat and pondered every one of these scenarios in my head, but I’m still at the point where I am driven to push forward, to turn the wheel of evolution – if not for anyone else, for myself at least.  Maybe by osmosis, others will catch the truth that the very best way of living the meaning of life is simply, and without harm.

So, as I watch the world descend into total insanity and mindless sadism, I am convinced even more to continue my path, to see the outrageous beauty in every leaf, in every animal, in every rock, and be grateful that I am not plugged into that unacceptable man-made self-annihilation machine of the Matrix.  People, the Matrix is not simply a concept.  We are the batteries that make the military industrial complex profitable and therefore never-ending.  We need to use our batteries to electrify revolution and a mass awakening.

So, seriously look at every single thing that comes your way today – dissect every comment, every ad, every notion that you have always taken for granted as part of a functioning society.   You will be amazed how everyday phrases we use were, and are, designed to continue the subjugation of all creation for someone else’s obscene profits.  You’ll be flabbergasted to see how you are manipulated to buy, and therefore support the continued suffering and destruction of people, animals, and ecosystems.

If you have some empathy to go along with your brain, you’ll reject it all – all of it.  Then you’ll jump-start your journey to evolution, like I did, and go through all of the phases that I have, from awe, to passion, to anger, to disappointment, to soldiering on because there’s no other option, to an amazing appreciation of the natural world and every one of Her animal inhabitants (while maintaining a high level of wholly justified misanthropy).  It’s time for an epiphany.  Follow, or not.  Your choice.




  1. sylvia said,

    October 11, 2014 at 11:41 pm

    Don’t worry ebola is going to solve mothers human infestation problem

  2. August 6, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    Well put, Monica!

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